General Real Estate

As a real estate investor you want to maximize your profits, minimize your risks and, if a dispute arises, you want tough, aggressive, persistent, creative representation. You want results. You want your problem solved as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We understand.

Our attorney at the CA REAL ESTATE LAW FIRM is not only an experienced and highly qualified real estate lawyer, but also a real estate investor and developer. Our attorney is intimately involved in every aspect of real estate purchases, sales, development, and litigation both on behalf of the law firm’s clients and in the context of their own real estate ventures on a daily basis. Our attorney understands the clients’ concerns because they fall in the realm of his own professional focus both as an attorney and as property purchaser, manager, and marketer.

Our experience enables the firm to provide a wide range of legal services in matters involving real property. CA REAL ESTATE LAW FIRM assists clients with a variety of real property transactions, including acquisitions, financing, development, leasing, management and sales. We bring an effective combination of experience, ingenuity and thorough analysis to assist clients in resolving real property disputes. With the skill to pursue a matter through trial, CA Real Estate Law Firm’s real estate team has considerable experience dealing with escrow, leasing and title disputes, broker’s liability claims, unlawful detainers, casualty losses, subsidence issues, partnership disputes, real estate contract breaches, and more.

The fact that CA REAL ESTATE LAW FIRM consists of a trial lawyer makes us a better transactional lawyer because we have seen how and why transactional documents end up in court, and we can use that unique perspective to draft better documents to minimize future disputes.

You want lawyers who not only understand, but can anticipate, your needs. CA REAL ESTATE LAW FIRM focuses on the unique concerns, needs and objectives of clients at every stage of the cycle of real estate ownership: acquisition, syndication, entity formation, asset protection, financing, development, construction, leasing, management and liquidation of real estate assets.